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Purpose of the Millennial Descendants of BFJ Project -1842 to 2021

The purpose of the “Millennial Descendants of Benjamin Franklin Johnson Project”

To compile and maintain a record of both living and deceased descendants of B.F. Johnson and his seven wives, that the legacy of his great family may be preserved. To unite family members living on both sides of the veil. Also, to maintain awareness of the many mortal descendants, that there may be unity and support among all family members.

The compilation of individuals and contact information may be used by the BFJ Family Organization to provide notification of family reunions, various family activities and events, family news, and to assist the BFJFO in providing relief and support to members in a variety of circumstances.

Records of living descendants will also assist the BFJ Family Organization in accomplishing one of its primary purposes which is genealogical research and making available to all the blessing of temple ordinances.

All data collected for the Millennial Descendants of BFJ Project is for the private use of the BFJ Family Organization and its members and will never be shared with any third party.

BFJ Family Organization- January 2021


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